Welcome to Trellis Horticulture - World of Natural Planters


Trellis Horticulture  aims to create a world of happy people through planting and gardening.“ Plant growing can be integral part of our life, since it enhances the quality of life by giving green environment and build characteristics”

Trellis Horticulture, who have been in the business of supplying cocopeat to nurseries and gardening companies, started an exclusive range of Natural planters for the gardening Industry. Trellis Horticulture with its expertise in the horticulture market have extended its strength in identifying beautiful planters made from Natural fibers.

We work with a lot of Artisans and skilled people to make the beautiful handmade planters that can enrich your gardening experience. The world is moving towards the green revolution, Trellis Horticulture aims to provide a green alternative for gardening products made of Plastics.

Uniqueness of our Planters