Reed Table Top Planter

Product Description :

This tabletop planter is made by skilled craftspeople, from high quality Reed fiber. This materials is made from plant fiber and imported as strings. Our crafts men weave the strings into a beautiful planter.

Product Highlight :

Reed Table Top Planter | Hand-made Plant Pot | Natural Plant Pot | Pot with Liner| Indoor Plant Pot. This planter comes with a liner made of jute and coir. The liner lasts about a year, once it starts decomposing we recommend mixing it with the potting mix or soil in the containers or pots for your plants. Because of their lightweight build, you’ll be able to easily incorporate the planter throughout your home or office

Speciality :

1. Strong
2. Aesthetic
3. Durable

Product Dimension :

  • Top Diameter – 31 cm
  • Height – 18 cm
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