Bamboo Table Top Planter

Product Description :

The wicker tabletop planter is made by skilled craftspeople, from compostable material – Bamboo. A removable coir liner makes planting and maintenance easy and tidy.

Product Highlight :

10″ Bamboo Tabletop Planter| Handmade planter made of selected bamboo fiber. Planter has a stand that helps to place on table top and any other tops. The planter gives a very natural look and can boost the looks of your table. The liner also helps the garden soil in preventing the water from dripping. This means you won’t need to purchase a saucer; you can place your plant pot directly on any surface.

Speciality :

1. Strong
2. Aesthetic
3. Durable

Product Dimension :

  • Top Diameter – 26 cm
  • Height – 18 cm
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